Posted by: boveli | September 30, 2010

Thursday in Malay is Khamis

I found some SUPER (say it like how Frankie from one piece says it) DIY finds! I’m so excited. So super!!!

Hahahahahahahahaahha!!! Epic dance…*ehem  ok back to the DIY finds. Super!!!

Adding a little DIY on your special day. I love this idea! My eyes are literally sparkling! The bride who did this did such a good job!
DIY: Table numbers

If you like to make your own centerpieces for a special dinner at home or at a wedding then this could be a fantastic edition to your collection.

DIY: Chalkboard Globe

This is one of those DIY projects that I wished I had thought of myself. It is so simple and practical *smacks forehead~duh

I love men who can rock a stylish tie and are not afraid to mix and match the patterns. However, there is just something oh- so sexy about a skinny tie with a tux.

DIY: Skinny Tie

Yes, you can close your mouth now. Those shoes are indeed a DIY masterpiece! Check out how this creative lady made her beautiful shoes!

A labour of love, indeed.

DIY: Loubotin Shoes

If it has to do with flowers then I’m there. A cool take on the traditional boutonnière.

DIY: Flowers from cupcake liners

The DIY tutorial below was orginally from here:Ruche DIY Wall Decor. This is something that I am actually doing for my wedding and I was going to do it the hard way but this one is so much simpler!

DIY – Wall Decor from Ruche’s Lookbook

Hi Ladies,
I’ve finally had a chance to put together this DIY post from Ruche’s first Spring lookbook. Sorry for the delay! Everything is extremely easy and can spruce up any plain wall in your home.

1. Floral wall made out of butcher paper

Stephanie got a roll of butcher paper and we were debating what do to with it. The night before the photo shoot, the Ruche team decided to make paper flowers and taped it to the wall. It was inspired by the book “paper chains and garlands” by June Gilbank that my husband picked up from Barnes and Nobles weeks before, hoping to one day use it..indeed we did! See instructions below.

We made different shaped and sized flowers out of butcher paper. For this particular wall, we covered the wall with butcher paper first, and then taped the flowers to it. This method could be used on a smaller scale and can be framed in a boxed picture frame too! You can also mix it up with different colored papers. BE CREATIVE!


Be creative indeed!





  1. SuuppEErrR!


    Love the Table Numbers

    • superRRr!

  2. Gosh, I wish I could be just as motivated as you!!

    • ha ha ha ha ha! Yours is still al long way to go, don’t worry.

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