Posted by: boveli | September 23, 2010

Thursdays are for having fun!

Believe it or not those pretty shoes consist of plain grey-blue high heels and a blue scarf. How creative!
Check it out here DIY:Pretty Shoes

Remember the last post on DIY: Papier Mache lights? Well I found a vintage flower lights and they look pretty awesome if your into vintage and shabby chic styles.
DIY: Paper Flower Lights

Ever since I found out that the church I am getting married in does not allow confetti and glitter, I sadly deleted all my DIY links for flower/paper/rice/blooms/fabric confetti. Dashing my hopes to exit the Church doors in a flurry of said things bring thrown into my face. I deleted all but one! This was just to cute not too keep!
DIY: Butterfly rice tosser

This was one of the pictures made me decide to do a fan program for my church ceremony. Am busy working with my mum and a church worker to get the template and wording sorted out (so tedious, I know). This is not an ordinary program/fan the person who made this was so creative and I wish I had thought of it myself. Click on the link to see what I’m talking about.
DIY: Fan Program





  1. I admire your research babes, keep it up!! I really have to start mine since we have kinda set the date………

    • Oooo when is your date sweets?

  2. tbc 😉 Can’t confirm anything as yet but it’s end of next year for sure~

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