Posted by: boveli | September 8, 2010

O for Awesome -CraftyThursday

If your wanting some DIY bling bling for your wedding and it has to be modern yet eye catching why not create something like this?

A blinged up skull all decked to party. Isn’t it just fabulous??? Imagine it at the head table, totally rock and roll. The best part is after the the disco lights are turned off and the party is over you can bring this baby home and hang it on your living room wall giving it some attitude.

Read how the creator made this blinged up skull here: Sparkly Beast

Another goodie to have, if your wanting your monogram to adorn the head table or the whole venue if that is your taste then why not  go all green and make your own monogramed wreath? I like this since it can be made for any occassion, birthdays, festive holidays etc…

For the full DIY: Monogram Wreath

Ahh, this is one of those DIY projects that I would love to do for my wedding. I am planning something similiar for my main table and have the branches, pot and flowers ready. Photos of that project to come when it’s ready 🙂 Till then do have a look at this tutorial. So lovely.

DIY :Crystal Name Card Tree

How pretty is this? Candy on a stick and from the tutorial it looks simple enough. The colours are so calming and they look like crystals on a stick. Would totally suit a wedding that has crystal as a theme or suit weddings that are going for the romantic/vintage feel.

DIY:Candy on a stick

OOoHhh, this one I am definitely going to try the next time I have a party at my place. It just looks so chic and without much effort at all.

DIY:Flowers in ice

Another flower tutorial, I just can’t get enough of them!

DIY:Posh Flowers




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