Posted by: boveli | July 12, 2010

Flowers DIY- wish list

As promised I wanted to talk about DIY stuff today and since I am in the midst of planning the flowers for the wedding I found a few handy post on how to add a DIY touch to the flower side of things.

The team at Style Me Pretty have done it again and have lovingly shared some DIY goodness. Lucky me that they decided to do something on flowers! Click here to see the short tutorial and they even have a video on it!

Looking at the video, I am really tempted to do this myself. Just go off to a morning flower market and pick the flowers I like. Mix the flowers up, clean, cut, spray water and hold it together with a ribbon. However, my mum thinks it would be too much work. She reminded me that it will be a busy day and she doesn’t think we will have time to make the bouquets on the day (to ensure the flowers last throughout the festivities). Sigh, it does make sense but a girl can wish…

DIY Flower Bracelets

Another goodie from Style Me Pretty. If you want something different you could opt to make this as your wedding bouquet, make it extra big almost avant garde to stand out. I think this would look absolutely smoking on the bridesmaids as well. A neat little version on bouquets for the bridal party. I find it so sweet and yet quite modern.

To see the post and the video click here

Amidst all this crazy wonderful DIY madness sometimes one can’t help but go a little bridezilla. So lets not get carried away and read a short insight of a bride to be whose wedding is going to be on the 15th of July! She bares it all in Letting go of Perfect




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