Posted by: boveli | May 15, 2010

Paper, paper everywhere- wedding invitations

I do try to frequently update this but the puppies suck out all free time that I have and a lot of thing have been happening (life is what happened) but I am here to try and get those wedding DIY in progress!

I am weighing my option on making my own invitation cards or getting a reputable printer to get it ready for me.

So far I have only gotten a quote from 2 vendors and they are ok but they don’t really get excited (which is ok since they deal with cards and paper every single day of their lives) BUT it would be nice to work and pay someone who has a passion for it and really does love what they do. It gets the camaderie going and the creative juices pumping.

I am also getting @_@ with all the options of paper here in New Zealand and the more options I have the more dizzy I get. But it’s good to have a theme so I am really keen on getting dark blue and silver paper and if that doesn’t work then dark blue and grey paper for the program fan which I have found the perfect link: Fan Program and I got the fan template from this link: Fan Template so Amy thank you for your offer but it doesn’t look like I’ll need those ice cream sticks anytime soon but thank you very much for the offer 🙂

My only issue is where do I get a crop a dile? I don’t think it’s worth it for me to get it on Trademe since I don’t see myself using it for anything else. I will also be creating my table numbers and place cards. I am not even sure what colour paper, size, shape and weight to use. I do know what sort of design I would like for my place cards since I saw a packaged version from Martha Stewart in Spotlight but I have been trying to look for it online but haven’t seen it. Boo!

I have a few links which had some pretty cute ideas for the invitation cards

Link: For an overseas wedding

I am also playing around with the idea of having a mini comic book style invitation after I found the link below

Link: Heidi Ryder comic book invitation

Heidi and her husband created a very unique wedding invitation and she is also a fantastic wedding photographer.

More inspiration links:

Link: Paper Crave Wedding Invitations Part 1

I love, LOVE the first ‘save the date’ design which was designed by Kelli Murray for her own wedding.  Below is two of my favourite images from her etsy store.

Link: Kelli Murray Etsy Store

Link: Paper Crave Wedding Invitations Part 2

Very cute DIY invitation from one of the readers of Wedding Guide Asia



rat and horse



  1. yo. happy to help you cut/paste/print/colour/write if you decide with DIY! =)

    • ha a hahahahah i will hold you to that

  2. these examples are awesome!! so unique and one of a kind. i love your fan program – we wanted to get those but given ours was outdoor i figured a bigger one would be better for fanning. if you’re going to make your own then invest in a good paper cutter (home style gulotine) and a corner punch.

    • wooo *taking notes!

  3. Lateria printing looks really awesome!

    Ref: Luxe printing: cotton paper

    • OOOOOOo will check it out

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