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Kia Ora from New Zealand

The wedding ceremony and reception was a blast and it ended so quickly. All that months of planning with my mum and family members was totally worth it. Now I’m off to plan for the third reception here in New Zealand but before I get into that I have not forgotten to update all the details on the ceremony and reception held in Kota Kinabalu. More on that as soon as I get the photos from George of Jofanna Bridal.

Anyhoo, I can’t wait to show you the video highlights that the talented team at Dcapture have finished for me and MOH. The full video to follow suit in 3-4 months time (yes it does take that long ūüė¶ ). Hope you like it! I love it to¬†bits!

What do you think?


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Details for a celebration in Auckland


You would have been directed here by the wedding invitation to RSVP or to look for more information regarding the wedding.

You would like to RSVP?

1. Leave a comment on this post confirming that you will be attending/not attending the wedding


For a more personal touch or if you just want to hear our lovely voices you can¬†call or text¬†us at ūüėõ :


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Chin Chongs!

3 more  days to D day!




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Wedding booklet/fan

I finally found some free time to post this up and I better do it since I don’t know when is the next time I will get a breather to just sit on the bed, relax and blog abit. Alot of stuff has been done and one of them is the fan booklet that I made for the church reception! Many thanks goes to the cutting team who helped out with the cutting but the finishing touches and assembling was done by MOH and me.

Ta dah!

I did not get the eyelet machine so we had do to everything manually. So first we punch in the holes on the booklet


Then we inserted the eyelet


Knock it in with a hammer! The harder you hammer it the tighter it will be (duh~) I did mine gently so I can open and close the fan easily


End result:





Booklet is done! All I have to do is add a tassel to the ring and voila we are ready to rock the humid weather in Kota Kinabalu yo!








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Wedding dress- The fitting

Today I went for a fitting for my wedding dress as I told them I might lose weight so would like to get the dress fitted better to my body if I did. Imagine my suprise when I shimmied into my dress with no problems and felt that the thigh and butt area of the dress was really loose.


“Wow, I really lost alot of weight! I didn’t even do much!”

“ha ha ha, Yes you did!” exclaims the shop assistant

“Hmmm, but you know it does ¬†look a bit weird here at the side” I point to the seams on the side of my thighs and hips. “Why is it bulging out like that? I don’t remember it looking like that in the last fitting?”

“Oh, is it? It looks ok ah. I don’t think so lor”

“Hmmm….. mum come have a look at this does it look funny???”

“Ooooo it does look weird, why does it ruched up there? I don’t remember it looking like that as well!!!” said my mum in suprise

Then the sales assistant finally admits “Oh, heh, erm I altered it before you came so that you had more space to sit down cause it was quite tight the last time”… I ask them not to touch the dress and the only alteration they had to do was make the dress smaller if I lost weight. Not only did they not do as per my instructions they also did not correct me when I exclaimed in delight over my supposed weight loss! Double whammy! I was quite worried about the dress so I asked them to alter it back to the original form and once that is done I will have another fitting.

Fingers cross I that it will turn out ok! I don’t have any more time to look for another dress!





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Wedding invitations

My wedding invitations are still not done!!!


I am really starting to hate my vendor.



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Cutting party

I manage to get my friends to come over one Friday night and have a ‘cutting party’. I printed out 125 sheets of ¬†SRA3 size paper and on each sheet there was 7 ‘fans’ to cut out. It did not help that there was printing on the front and the back and most of it did not line up together. So what happens is when they finish cutting the fan all nicely on the front they turn it¬†around only¬†to find that there are still white bits visible on the other side. Oops! Sorry guys, I tell you I couldn’t align it due to the movement of the machine when it’s overprinted. It’s true! ūüėõ

Some photos from the night from Judie’s camera.

This is how the booklet first starts out and it will be used for the church ceremony. The DIY for it is coming soon (well as soon as I can get the photos from MOH). By the way that is a mouse not a koala as fervently stated by Kane.


All the diligent slaves, I mean friends.


Can you see all the wastage? Paper, paper everywhere!


Surprisingly¬†the men helped with the cutting but this unique service was not without it’s cons. Alot of moaning and groaning for the torture to end was heard throughout the night. More notable quotes are as below:

” I am so good at this, fast, accurate and efficient” says Bron

“I love this party! I especially love the sound the scissor makes when it cuts in a straight line” said Jason as he proceeds to mimic the sound and thus annoying everyone else

“Oh yes, Jason your right! I love the sound the scissor makes when I cut it¬†diagonally” enthuses Kane

“My thumb! My thumb! I think I sprained it, who is going to pay for the medical fees???” wails Kane as he tries to flex his injured digit

“Audrey, you MUST invite me again if we have another cutting party. I have never had so much fun in my life” says Jason

“Yes, Audrey you MUST invite me too! I can’t wait for another party like this” says Kane as he rolls his eyes.

On and on it went throughout the night and the morning (we started at  11.30pm and finished around 2am). You can imagine I was going cross eyed with the lack of sleep and constant whining from the big babies. Oh, but their help was wonderful! I cannot imagine doing this on my own and the time it would have taken.

Many thanks to the peeps who took the time from their busy schedules to come over and help me and Bron





Ying Swan






What would I do without you!



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Wedding updates

Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’m currently in Kota Kinabalu and have been in a whirlwind of activities. Everything is going as plan except for my wedding invitations as it’s taking too long and I don’t want to bore you with too much details is taking too long. I am very close to just going to another vendor to get my invites done so that I can post the cards out and get the RSVP’s in asap.


Anyhoo, I got my first wedding makeup trial done by the lovely Eve who is a freelance makeup artist. What do you think?
She is charging $550 for two sessions.



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We are still here!

Hey folks,

So sorry for the lack of updates these last few weeks that have passed have just been really hectic. I’m also trying to get my booklet printed, cut, eyeleted (I so made that word up) and ready to go before I head back home to my family and beautiful Kota Kinabalu!

I just wanted to let you guys know that we are still here and are trying to get this show on the road! Before I leave you I want to show you a photo from my hens night! Will update you with the deets when I get photos from MZ.

The night was fabulous and I had tasks to do. It wasn’t as dreadful as I thought it would be, will tell you more soon!


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Wedding details!

Hello ūüôā

You would have been directed here by the wedding invitation to RSVP or to look for more information regarding the wedding.

Click any of the links below and if you need any help just leave us a comment.

You would like to RSVP? Please go here: RSVP

Click here to know when our wedding and receptions will be: Special dates

If you are from overseas or right across the ditch and are looking for a place to stay: Accomadation

If you want to know a little bit more about Kota Kinabalu: KK? Where is that?

After the wedding we will have a massive R & R session at Usukan Cove, if you would like to join us please click this link: Usukan Cove

If anyone would like to rent cars for the duration of your trip please get in contact with me!

Scroll down more to see how we are going with the wedding plans and shenanigans.


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